Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wanna See?

 The girl on the left is my sister, Lacie. That's me on the right. We have both gone through a lot of hardships. Some of them we don't necessarily talk about. We just know. Sometimes when you get to unburying things that have been buried for a reason it's not always good to dig them up. Well, that's how it is for Lacie and I. We just know. There are questions that are never answered because we don't ask to know. We know that it's not good. It's all in the matter of the outcome of where we are NOW. 

We can be a type of people of where happiness and respect is a must. My sister is more of a forgiving kind of person. I can't forgive so easily. It's not in my nature of doing so. When Lacie forgives, it's known through words. When I forgive, it's known through silence and actions. 

Within that picture was when I decided to go see my sister on a day we both had off. She lives probably about 30 minutes away. Between her and I, I have the more reliable car. I was also working as a photographer for PictureMe Portrait Studios. (Don't ask me how I like the company. I have good things and bad things to say of it) I was also going to college. My sister was working at a nursing home as a CNA and she was also going to college. Difference? I lived at home with my dog. She lived with a bunch of roommates. It's true that when girls get together long enough they build a sense of telekinesis and all that jazz. From far apart we can sometimes tell when someone is under stress or whatever. It's kind of kewl. Having someone that is on the same level as you makes things a lot easier to understand. There were a lot of times where we would walk out of our house wearing the same thing. No Joke. There was probably one day that it was planned. Other than that it was really crazy. For instance, in that picture up there?

Band shirts, black hats, waved hair, jeans, and converse. 

We are so damn KEWL! that even her other two roommates grouped up with us and wore the same thing. Except our friend, Brandi. She didn't have any converse. We went out shopping to get her some. 

That's ALL of us. Me, Lacie, Shaquila, and Brandi. Excuse the white little snowman on the mirror. They decorate their huge bathroom mirror for every holiday. Get enough estrogen in the air and have enough females confined in one area for too long, it's bound and determined for something to happen. Haven't known anyone not to have anything happen. Unless your Lacie and I. We knew when to give each other space. She was probably the best roommate ever. They are all pretty kewl girls to have around. 

See? There's us again matching without even trying. Except Lacie caught me when I was in the middle of doing my hair and make up. We were in our hotel room with a friend. I believe I found out I was pregnant that day. I haven't said anything yet until we reached to our Aunt's house. Lacie was the first person I told. 

These pictures were before I was pregnant. I had always had a hookah and when Lacie turned 19 she wanted one of her own. She didn't know much about them so I helped her out. Since we weren't allowed to smoke in her apartment, we decided to hotbox her car. It was a really fun night. Minus some guy dumped his beer on us on purpose. That was her pretty little purple Hookah that was propped up on a green bucket over her stick shift. To hold it in place was the driver seat and the passenger seat.

Excuse us for looking like shit. We stayed up for way too long. I took Lacie down to one town where I grew up. It was the first step of becoming a better person for me. So it meant a lot to me to take her there to see some of the great friends that I had made. There were a lot of people around.

We both wore our cut up sleeveless shirts that we did last summer. Hair down. Our letter necklaces. Difference? I wore a hat to kind of cover up my bed head that I had goin on. We were dragging our asses to be home. We weren't ready yet, but we did eventually. With the both of us together, we always had fun one way or another. I love my sister!

Well, I think that's enough for tonight. I need sleep.

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  1. Looks like you and your sister are really close! Gotta love sibling love