Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dreams Gone Wild

Lately I have had some wacky dreams that feel they are so out of this world. Last night I had a dream that I was in this wretched old house that I couldn't stand. These two disgusting ladies treated me like shit. I was their servant I guess. Then one night I decided I didn't need this shit. Little me went out into the neighbor hood, walking around, finding somewhere else to go. Of course, I get caught.

(Here's the wacky part)

I ended up in this large building. There were people a bit bigger than me. The place looked like it was ran by witches and warlocks mostly, but I knew there were other things that were there too. I just never saw them. There were these desks that lined up in a row with a divider to each of them in the middle of the main office. I guess I was a big trouble maker, because I got sat up in the very front. They chained me around my neck, wrists, and ankles. I remember there was one girl who sat behind me. I looked over my shoulder... I noticed I had wings. So did the girl behind me. It had all clicked. I was a fariy and fairies were meant to be slaves.

The people that had strapped me down forgot to search me and also they forgot to make sure the chains were tight. My hands and feet slipped right through and I used this little magic wand to take off the chain around my neck. The girl behind me did the same thing. One gentleman who was a warlock was watching us like hawks, but he was on our side. He gave us these blankets that were meant for fairies that make us invisible.

The girl and I hauled ass across the room. Next thing we know we are in a training room for witches and warlocks. They sit down and are given a new lesson each day and they practice it in front of the grand witch. The girl and I were mistaken. Except out of everyone who learned the lesson, I did. I tried to stay cautious because Everyone can practically see I am a fairy. When I performed the lesson the best the witch looked down onto me.

Next thing I know I am going to college. I had room mates.

It was very crazy.