Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Bout Them Dreams?

I finally had remembered what my dream was last night and the one two days ago.

The one about two days ago involved Pirates, ships, water, my sister, a friend, and me being pissed off.

So it started out with me being in my new apartment. My friend, Chris, had came to visit and he was sleeping in the next room from mine. My sister was in the bathroom doing her hair or something. All of the sudden there was a girl who just came stomping around in my house, yelling, and slamming the front door. She was here to cuss out Chris about something. She wanted her stuff back. My sister being my sweet sister, came out to tell her to maybe take it down a few notches because I was sleeping and if I woke up I would be pissed off. The girl decided to blow off my sister's words of wisdom. That girl called my sister a bitch. I don't like having someone disrespect my sister or me under my own damn roof. Who died and made her Queen Victoria? I calmly walked out of my room asked her politely to leave. Instead of pulling her head out of her fourth point of contact, she decided to try to slap me. I decked her and she had fallen on her ass. I grabbed that betch by her damn hair to take out the damn trash. I ranted on about respect, how I didn't really care about what went down between her and Chris, how she was childish, etc. I dragged her out the door. When I had opened the door there was another guy who was there with his truck to move her stuff. I told him to find a better friend, she's white trash. I let go of her hair as I reached the gravel to the parking lot. The girl complained of whatever high schooler girls complain about after getting their ass kicked.

I went back inside and my baby was crying in the bedroom. After I took care of little one and her daddy came to pick her up to go to the park. My sister and I got ready for the day. Leaving Chris. (He had done something to make my sister mad. I wasn't necessarily fond of how he had allowed that girl to come over to my house. He gave that dumb girl my address.) Next thing I know I am on a ship. All of the roads turned into rivers leading out into oceans. We were going to war. The captain had noticed there was a serpent circling us under water. Captain told me to go stand out in water. first thought that popped into my head was, "You don't give a shit about your crew. Awesome." I jumped out into the water. Next thing I know I had a boat rise from right under my feet. The serpent still circled the ship meaning that there is a specific someone that it wants to eat. All of the sudden the boat had somewhat stay afloat but I had water up to my knees. I looked around and noticed something towards this valley of rock. There was a sudden pulsing urge to go there. The boat was guiding me to land. When I had reached land I couldn't help but notice the sand. How it was clinging to my wet clothes and how it was warm for being out in the sun all day.

Then I sprung awake because being pregnant means you have to pee a lot.

My dream last night was short. I was getting married. Not a lot of people knew. Coda and I knew our families weren't going to be so happy about it. My father somehow figured it out and had brought both families together. They were somewhat upset at the fact we were going with this no matter what because we loved each other so much. Except during the wait there was a storm. I remember a few odd people that seemed... Odd. In my gut I felt I wasn't prepared to face these people as my family too. It was like a clown that kept bursting out of the shadows and laugh at me. It scared me. As the storm came in it slowly turned the sky so black it felt like it was night. When it happened I watched it through a big window. The power had gone out and we lit some candles. Coda and I wanted to wait for it to pass through so we can get married under a beautiful blue sky or under the stars and moon.

There was this one man who was there. He seemed very unusual. As if he wasn't exactly suppose to be there. Yet he kept in the shadows where people didn't notice at all. The only time he would come out was when I was close. I knew somehow he was fascinated with me. He tried a lot of things to really frighten me, but I stood still with a blank poker face. Then he thought I would be fun to play with. Since, I am so good at it. Instead of listening to his crazy gestures which sounded like he was a killer, I simply turned away to go back to looking out the big window. I felt like my own little Alice in my own spooky wonderland.

Next thing I know I am awake, wanting clam chowder or tomato soup. Off I go to the STORE!

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  1. I wish that someday we could invent the technology to record our dreams so that we could watch them afterwards :)