Thursday, January 31, 2013

Down With The SICKNESS

Literally, I am getting down with the sickness. I had now officially acquired what everyone else have. It's this Flu. I don't mean to gross out anyone, but it is what it is and I grew up with a father who has been in the medical field for all of his life.

This Flu junk pretty much gives you the shits and/ or vomit. It's viral. My father has worked in Vegas for YEARS! His hospital and every other hospital in Vegas went on to Internal Disaster. When a hospital goes into Internal Disaster that means that the hospital has every bed filled. Although when an ambulance shows up the hospital can't turn away the patient. Any ways, all of the hospitals have gone into internal disaster and were still getting more patients. Most of these patients had came down with the sickness. After working with these patients for three weeks, my dad had acquired it.

Now, my dad had gotten it and he brought it home. Here's the fun part. When someone has something that's viral it usually transfers in so many easy ways that no one really expects. Such as, from glasses/ cups that haven't been washed properly, the bathroom, and/or almost anything. Now if these things do not get cleaned properly it lingers.

It lingers around for awhile till someone gets it. Well this crap got to my grandfather a week later. Within twelve of hours I had gotten it, my boyfriend did, and my step grandfather. Since now it has infected more it's easier to spread and it takes less time. Especially to people who are in a confined space for awhile. The next few hours my great grandmother gotten it along with my grandmother.

I am telling you what. This stuff is such a pain in the ass. It starts off as if you have an upset stomach from eating something. Within moments of that, you vomit. Now from here it all depends on the person. Usually people who have came down with the stuff vomit a few times first then have diarrhea. Now if you were me, you just vomit.

Recomendations from someone who has taken a few medical classes and grew up around the medical field. If you are all ready vomiting and can't hold down anything (depending on age, weight, height) take eight milligrams of Zofran or the generic stuff is just as good. Although when you take the stuff, please set it under your tongue and let the pill dissolve (that way you won't taste that crap and it will get into your system faster when you swallow without getting too sick). You will be doing yourself a favor. If you aren't having a hard time keeping down things, but your stomach feels as if it's talking up a storm take about four milligrams of Zofran. (Depending on age, weight, height)

This shit will find a way around to everyone. Bare with yourself.

Back to sipping on warm mint tea (it's a natural stomach relaxer)

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